Brick Hack 2015

This weekend I went to Brick Hack and I have got to say that it was one of the best organized hackathons I've ever been to. There was plenty of food, space, and hardware to work on. No to mention all of the swag. I have to give a hand to the organizers of Brick Hack because they did a really good job.

For the weekend I originally planned on working on a web app I created with some friends at a previous hackathon called FoodSnag. Although that fell though about halfway through the night because we all got bored of it.

So we began working on an called BrickFacts. This was a really simple idea, make a web app that will give you randome facts about bricks every time you reloaded the page. This was really easy to do so we decided we'd branch out and try adding other features. So we added an API with a fully documented API. Although to be honest it was simply a single call that would return another fact, so it was really simple.

With this awesome new API we decided to add more features like Pebble integration which I found out really easy. You can do some much with the pebble SDK and it's really easy to use. Definitely have to applaud Pebble for such a simple development environment for the pebble.

After this we also added twilio support because why not? Twilio allows you to send texts and even phone calls. We just had it send random facts to your phone number just incase you were on the go and had a growing pain to know more interesting facts about RIT.

All of the code we wrote is Open Source and is hosted on github here.

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