DEF CON 22 - Day 3

This day was probably the best day for talks in my opinion. I was able to attend a good amount and almost all of them were very informative and entertaining.

PropLANE: Kind of keeping the NSA from watching you pee

A project that used DEFCON 20 badges as the base in a point to point encryption solution. The idea is to create a homemade "VPN" alternative that encrypted all data with a physical device. This was a pretty cool use of hardware that they had readily available. It wasn't a very fast device but it was pretty cool to see that it could be done.

Presentation -

NinjaTV - Increasing Your Smart TV's IQ Without Bricking It

This talk was about the hacking WD TV (Live Hub). This one was about how he hacked the device and all of the different attack methods he tried. Most of them being successful. If you have a WD TV this talk was cool in that he released tools to expand capabilities of your unit without losing some of the more desire features (ex. Netflix). Below is a link to his presentation.

Presentation -

A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces

This talk was given by-Charlie Miller and-Christopher Valasek. They mainly just looked at cars out there and tried deciding which cars are more vulnerable to attack. They didn't release anything but were just surveying the current attacks surfaces for vehicles that exist today.

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