McHacks 2015

This past weekend I attended McHacks. I just wanted to post my experience and possibly provide some constructive criticism for the organizers of the hackathon. Just some background for those who may not know. McHacks is a MLH hackathon hosted by McGill University in Montreal, Qu├ębec. It was a 5.5 hour drive from Rochester to Montreal. This may have affected my opinion of overall experience because I was tired and cold(Monteal in February).

At this hackathon I worked in a team of 4 on a project called freets. The name isn't something we're too proud of but it was suppose to be a combination of Free and Eats. We're working on coming up with another one that's easier to remember and doesn't sound like feet. The project is suppose to be a web app where college students can find events on their campus with free food. We built the whole web app on Flask with a SQL backend. The frontend was originally done with Bootstrap but we were have a bunch of problems. So we went to using Materialize. This will be live once we get all of the bugs worked out. Currently the web app is being hosted at but this will probably change when we find a better name.

Below is my opinion of the hackathon and possible constructive criticism I can offer for the organizers of the hackathon. The hackathon was too over crowded for my own taste. There's nothing more frustrating to me when code is working and you sitting shoulder to shoulder in a room with 200 other hackers. Besides that the other thing that I didn't enjoy about the hackathon was that there wasn't enough food. For one meal I was given rice and some vegetables. Simply not enough for me. These two things made the event kind of unenjoyable for me.

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