NASA Space Apps Challenge 4/20/13 & 4/21/13

So this past weekend was the NASA Space Apps Challenge. It was a 48-hour hackathon that was held across 80 locations in 42 different countries. The RIT location was only 24 hours though. Each location had a local competition and would then nominate 2 teams to head to the national competition. To learn more about the competition just head over to the website -

So for the competition I worked on an application called teletracker. It was to made for the My Space Cal challenge. It was an idea to try and visualize where telescope were point and when they were point there. So our idea was to make a web app that would have a more user friendly user interface. The team consisted of myself, John Kennedy, and Wyatt Winters. The way we were attempting to implement our idea was using CHAP timeline library. We were able to develop a python back end that would interface with a MySQL database and then deliver data in JSON through Flask.

We were never able to get the web interface to work but the whole backend should be finished. I plan on picking the project up again in the future and will keep you guys updated. Also any can take a look at the code and contribute if you want.

Our project github is located here:

Update: So I forgot to include this. This is where I was staring for hours.

My Setup

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