Reverse engineered a USB controlled coffee roaster in a team of two. Wrote a custom, cross-platform application in Python and PyQt which significantly extends the capabilities of the roaster, providing a thermostat-based controller and roast graphs.

Created an open source, Jekyll powered website in a team of three at HackRPI. Site serves as a place for programmers to reference code syntax in a language they may not be familiar with. The site currently features 10 languages and has active community support.


A program that finds and records when a system is being remoted into. This can be useful when a system is being remoted into by software that doesn't notify the user (ex. WinRM and PSExec).


An open source hardware device that used both a Teensy and an external hard drive to pull the running contents of memory off a 32-bit Windows OS.


Added a feature to Kippo-Graph called Kippo-Playlog which creates an animated playback of the attackers session.


An open source project written almost completely in Powershell with a GUI that allows for fast unlocking of user accounts in a domained environment.